About us

Global environment is changing dramatically nowadays. This is why individuals and companies shall learn how to adapt to change and how to influence it to their advantage. To be able to cope with this, companies need an overall and realistic plan targeting the best position which they could obtain in the global market and showing the way it can be achieved.

But this is not enough. Someone should teach and coach the company’s staff to implement the plan.

Located on the South Shore of Montreal, our company addresses anyone who realizes that competitive reality has undergone significant changes, and that today’s business world requires a different approach. Our vision on business management is the result of a long experience in international trade, consulting and training, responding to companies’ needs to deal with the challenges of globalization.

Due to our overview, knowledge and experience on global business, and to our flexible structure, we can offer very reasonable fees with extremely reliable services as well as a great flexibility to adapt to our clients needs.

We support small steps development, measurable and adjustable which is certainly more recommendable than any radical development with uncertain effects.

However, even the smallest planned change must be implemented. Ideally, it should be done with the company’s staff. For that, companies need to train/update their staff. They also need assistance for implementing the change. Our experience shows that it is recommendable to hire new staff only if the training of own resources is not reasonably feasible.

A winning strategy is a mixture of advising, coaching, and training for successfully adapting to the world of the 3rd millennium. This is the service we offer to our clients.
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