Implementing a development plan is an operation which requires qualified personnel.  We help our clients to implement the plan which we developed or any plan with which we agree, to respond to ad-hoc needs, or to assume certain duties during the training of human resources.

The following are possible examples of our intervention:

  • You need start negotiating with an Asian client which is interested in your product. You know that negotiating with this client is different from what you are used to, and you don’t want to lose the client due to cultural/communication problems. We could communicate/negotiate on your behalf (by phone, letter writing, negotiations, etc.)
  • An Eastern European distributor is interested in distributing your products. We could arrange the visit for you, we could help you on negotiations, we could help you to understand the culture, to build a strategic alliance, to find a more reliable partner, etc.
  • A Latin American client is interested in buying your products in exchange of his own products. We could develop an import-export agreement; we could build up a barter business, etc.

Write to us for an analysis of your market or for your particular needs.

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